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Product Description# ChraLamp, Deuterium Lamp, Part# DCL-2288
ChraLamp Part# DCL-2288
Lamp Type Deuterium Lamp
Product Type Laboratory Consumables and Equipment Supplies
Part Type Replacement/ alternative spare parts
For Use with Laboratory Equipment (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS))
Manufacturer Chratec
Brand Name ChraLamp
Status J - prealigned
Life Time L - longlife (2000 hrs)
Instrument Manufacturer Applied Biosystems (ABI)
Instrument Model 773
OEM Part Number 2900-0484
msscientific Part# AB-400
Heraeus Part#  
Sciencix Part# -
Other Model Applied Biosystems (ABI)- 100S, 120, 120A, 130, 130A, 230A, 270A-HAT (CZE), 757, 759, 759A, 773, 783, 783A, 785A, 980, 1000S, SF 757, SF 759, SF 759A, SF 773, SF 775, SF 783, SF 783A, SF 785A, SF 991
Other OEM Part OEM numbers*: 2900-0495
ChraLamp URL DCL-2288 at
AALamp URL DCL-2288 at
Installation Please see instrument manual for detail
Replacement Beyond routine maintenance
Warranty# See ChraContact at for detail