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Product Description# ChraLamp, Deuterium Lamp, Part# DCL-2781
ChraLamp Part# DCL-2781
Lamp Type Deuterium Lamp
Product Type Laboratory Consumables and Equipment Supplies
Part Type Replacement/ alternative spare parts
For Use with Laboratory Equipment (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS))
Manufacturer Chratec
Brand Name ChraLamp
Status J - prealigned
Life Time T - with timer
Instrument Manufacturer Severn Analytical
Instrument Model SA6503
OEM Part Number  
msscientific Part# J53
Heraeus Part# 80078578
Sciencix Part# -
Other Model Severn Analytical- SA6500, SA6503, SA6504, SA6508 (Rapidscan)
Other OEM Part  
ChraLamp URL DCL-2781 at
AALamp URL DCL-2781 at
Installation Please see instrument manual for detail
Replacement Beyond routine maintenance
Warranty# See ChraContact at for detail