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Description ChraPart # P4621-00386, alternative to part# 18-33-1895, 20mL Screw-Thread Storage Vial kit – Amber [100 vials/box with cap/seal]
Manufacturer Chratec
OEM Part# 18-33-1895
OEM Model -
Package Size 100PCs
Stability -
Base Material -
Packing brand ChraPart
Lot# -
Part Number P4621-00386
ChraPart URL# P4621-00386
Installation Information ChraPart parts are designed to be compatible and interchangeable with OEM parts. Please see instrument service manual for proper removal and installation procedure.
Replacement Frequency Beyond routine maintenance
Warranty# We view your business with us as a partnership based on mutual trust. We extend a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects on all ChraPart repair parts. If a defect is identified, please contact us by email at info @ to report the issue. We will assist you with a resolution in a timely fashion.